We recommend neutering your pets when they are 6 months old. Desexing your pets prevent them from being able to reproduce. “Castration” involves removing both testicles in male pets; and “Spaying” involves removing the ovaries and uterus in female pets. This is a day surgery most frequently performed by our vets in the hospital. Your pets will be covered by pain relief and antibiotic injections immediately after surgery.

Although it is never too late to desex your pets, we recommend performing the surgery when they are around 6 months old. There are many benefits including:

Apart from the regular dogs and cats, we can also neuter your little furries like rabbits, ferrets and rats. Please contact our surgery to find out what we can do!

Before Surgery

After Surgery

If you have any questions regarding your pet’s surgery, please call us and our lovely nurses will be more than happy to assist you.