Pet Wellbeing


A microchip is implanted in an animal in between the shoulder blades. It is an extremely common and safe procedure. They are about the size of a grain of rice and can be done during a consult. They are the easiest way for reuniting an owner with an animal if it is ever lost.

As of November 2015 all dogs must be microchipped according to law. 
All cats must be microchipped according to the Cat Act 2011.

Nail clipping

Some pets require their nails to be clipped regularly to prevent them growing too long or even around into their pads. You can book an appointment with either the vet or a nurse to trim your dog’s nails.


It is essential to feed your pets a well balanced diet. We recommended and stock the Advance range. From young puppy to senior dog and everything in-between. Advance is Australian Owned. We also stock the Natural Balance range. They are a Western Australian owned and operated company. The range has no artificial preservatives and all products are sourced in W.A.

We have the Hills Prescription Diet & Royal Canin range for medical dietary requirements.